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Globe Lights

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Globe Lights

For Every Holiday, Sporting Event, or Any Special Occasion. Globe Lights create the perfect festive or ambient lighting scene for your outdoor parties or special occasions.
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Globe Lights Scottsdale

The Globe lights utilize the same mechanism as our standard Trimlight systems. It means your outdoor spaces will be much more adaptable. Let us learn more about Globe Lights and what they can offer you!

Brighten Up your Home with Globe Lights

Globe Lights Chandler is programmable and everlasting home lighting that blends perfectly with your current façade. The distinctive Globe light attachment method connects beneath the fascia of your residence or business premises, locking the lights firmly in place and concealing any wiring. Globe lights make it possible for property owners to install everlasting lighting once, resulting in gorgeous illumination at night that is barely perceptible during the day.

Advantages of Globe lights for your Home

With Globe Light's programmed lighting, you may commemorate any holiday, special occasion, or sporting event or enjoy lovely illumination all year long.

1. Almost Invisible during the day. Due to how barely the diodes are projecting from the channel, the effect is concealed. We could have gone flush; however, if the bulb were flush, you wouldn't be able to see the light from different angles.

2. For the most part, gutters and other building-related architectural elements are unaffected by the light channel. It is securely below where UV radiation or water intrusion could harm the bulbs.

Trimlights Mesa

3. The user may easily control each bulb with our lighting system. With just a few taps on your phone, you may select any color scheme from among the millions of possibilities. Features include picking colors to flash, cycling through numerous colors in succession, chasing, stacking, creating rainbow patterns, using the strobe effect, creating wave or comet runs, pulsing, etc.

4. Our LEDs are stunning and very bright. Lumens are not the most precise measurement method for the brightness of RGB diodes. Brightness should be gauged using a LUX meter as a reference.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Scottsdale

5. It provides tasteful lighting options for homes, workplaces, patios, and decks.

6. It is becoming more and more essential for enterprises to go green. Customers demand more ecologically friendly products, and choosing an eco-friendly light source can help businesses use less energy and appeal to a socially conscious customer base. The production process for Globe lights in Scottsdale is environmentally friendly as well.

7. Light is reflected in all directions around the light source using traditional lighting technologies. As a result, if you would like the light to focus on a certain region, you will need to buy components that will funnel or divert the light in that direction. You will not face this issue with our Globe lights.

8. Mercury is a component of many conventional lighting sources, including fluorescent and mercurial vapor lights, internally. As a result, they need special attention near the end of their lives. With Globe lights, you need not be concerned about these problems.

Your energy consumption will drastically decrease when you switch to Globe lighting, making this lighting a wise asset for any company. Contact us to learn more about the variety of Outdoor Lighting in Mesa we can offer you.

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